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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Munafik Review

Haaaa....ada beran tak tangok? 
Munafik Review – Local horror movie with a twist.
...these two gifted people. Bravo on job well done! 
Ustaz Adam (Syamsul Yusof) possesses a special gift to ‘nurse’ those who are ‘disturbed’ by evil spirit back to health. His own faith however is shaken when he loses his wife in a terrible car accident. Traumatised for not being able to save her, he makes it his mission to find out who was responsible for the tragedy. One day his services are required to heal Maria (Nabila Huda) who is under heavy distressed. Bizarre and worrying incidents begin to happen as the Maria’s condition gets worse. It will take all of Ustaz Adam own belief and best effort to face his biggest challenge that might either strengthen or weakened his devotion in God for once in all. (Trust me I want to elaborate more but don’t want to spoil the fun so that’s all the cat I can let out of the bag…huhu) 
Dengar tu! Ingat tu! 
*Confession – if you know me, you would know that I am scared kitten when it comes of horror movies but something about this flick intrigued my interest to check it out so I braved myself to watch it on the big screen but…of course I took my glasses off whenever there was a scary scenes (…and God there were plenty of it!) or else I would have died during the screening and would not be writing this review now. Sekian. #sayasedarsayapen-takuts. Ok, now back to original programme
Ustaz Adam facing his biggest obstacle 
From the abovementioned confession you would guessed that I watched half the movie without my glasses on but whenever I put had it on, it was pure gold class! From the word get go, we are served with amazing cinematic experience unlike any other. I truly enjoyed the camera angles from high view to bottom view to sideways. It was pure perfection that was coupled with freaking awesome sound editing. Some scenes were not scary but boy the sound and lighting will make you crap in your seat! Kudos to Syamsul for capturing the essence of keeping his audience glued to the screen with or without hands covering their faces. All the effort was also greatly assisted by skilful casting including Syamsul himself who played the lead role. Amy Search’s daughter, Nabila Huda was also hauntingly terrifying that would give Linda Blair in The Exorcist a run for her money. Despite being categorised as a horror movie, there is an underlying lesson and moral values that can serve as guides to the Muslims and also non-Muslims alike in my opinion.

First time pi tgk wayang sesame pas keje. Nak je makcik ni sepak aku sebab aku asik tergezut jew. Huhu. 
With so many we-are-trying-to-scare-you-but-sorry-we-didn’t flicks flooding the big screen lately, Munafik could rival and come out top of its field. Kudos to Syamsul for showing different side of his many talents. He single handed might save this genre or even other categories if given the right opportunity and guidance. I now look forward to watch more of his handy work. 

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