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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sisters Review

Look who is here! 
Sisters Review – When Hollywood’s best female comedic duo joins force to come up with a movie.
Ready to party? 
Maura (Amy Poehler) and Kate Ellis (Tina Fey) parents decide to sell their family house in Orlando to buy a condo. They inform Maura to tell Kate because Kate does not take bad news well and just as expected, Kate goes berserk and together, the sisters plan to throw an ‘Ellis Island’ themed party as their last hurrah in their childhood house. They invite all their former high school friends. One thing leads to another and the whole night turns into an unforgettable event. With both sisters trying to work out their issues while dealing with their aging-selves, it’s only a matter time before they learn to be a responsible adult.
Is somebody gonna get lucky? 
I had high hopes for the movie because Amy and Tina was an awesome combo in Baby Mama few years ago. Unfortunately all I got was lame to downward immature antics which did draw few chuckles here and there but in the end got me going… “That’s it?”. There were no substances and the story was all over the place with no real value whatsoever.

Same bathtub? for me. 
Come on Amy and Tina, you ladies are better than this. Please don’t let me down again ok. Take this crap of a movie as lesson to come up with better flick next round ok. 

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