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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Deadpool Review

Not your ordinary hero this one! 
Deadpool Review – One look at the promo (the poster, the trailer etc) for this flick and you not it’s not your typical super-hero picture.
Pick your side. 
Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces agent who have since turned into a thug trying to make a living until he meets and fall in love with a prostitute (told you this is not your typical movie). They live happily ever after, well not quite because soon after, Wade finds out his body is riddled with cancer and as he prepares to face it alone, a shady character offers him new lease on life. Wanting to take a chance, Wade agrees to undergo a dubious experimental operation. Instead, he’s tortured and disfigured in an attempt to make him into a secret weapon. Wilson then takes on his alter ego persona as Deadpool and spends the rest of the movie hunting down Ajax (Ed Skrein), the man in charge of this research project. What will become of this anti-hero? Will Deadpool get his revenge? 
R u ready for this? 
Forget all the other X-men and any other superhero actors with their usual serious as heck persona (except maybe Chris ‘Cap America’ Evans). Deadpool is a different type of superhero altogether, although he might not agree about being a superhero. Deadpool is smart-arse wise crack quirky fella in a tight red suit as he himself puts it. He takes cab to ‘work’ and pay his cabbie in high fives while also giving love advice. Heck, Deadpool even address the audience and narrates his own story. Who better to don the title than Ryan ‘former Green Lantern’ Reynolds? He has the personality to fit Deadpool since making his appearance in Wolverine’s stand-alone movie not long ago. It’s only fair Ryan be given another chance of star in his own film and he doesn’t disappoint us one bit. Unfortunately that’s about the only best acting in the film because all the other roles pretty much plays second fiddle to Ryan’s title character. The villain, Ajax feels like a run in mile role so does the girlfriend and the extra X men of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Other than that, you should be able to stand Deadpool’s twisted sense of humour or else you might feel it’s a waste of time. I. however enjoyed every bit of his gag response and reaction perhaps because I’m a nut myself. Meanwhile do be warned of some gory scenes with brain matter being splattered around once the action part of the movie goes on high gear. You have been warned.   

Fuck yeah! 
Brush up on our Marvel comic to get an idea who Deadpool is so you won’t be confused with the constant referral to other Superhero. Another friendly reminder is to not to miss the opening and end credit of the movie. Just like other Marvel movies, there is a surprise at the end while what’s ‘special’ is the opening credit which well, credits the actors and makers of the movie. You don’t want to miss seeing The Director of the movie being referred to as “an overpaid tool” which gives you an idea how different Deadpool is from recent Superhero movies that’s been flooding the big screen. I hereby demand for more Deadpool please Mr. Overpaid Tool! 

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