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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Boy Review

Want to be his nanny? 
The Boy Review – Annabelle’s (the female creepy doll) boyfriend? Well, not quite.
Just a boy toy? Well, think again....
An American women, Greta (Lauren Cohan) trying to escape violent past takes on a job as nanny in the English countryside. She gets a surprise of a lifetime when she has to babysit a life-size doll. Her employers however advise her to take her job seriously and treat Brahms (the doll) as a living boy with strict rules to follow. After a while Greta slacks on her responsibilities and faced with disturbing consequences. It all boils down to a showdown when Greta finally finds out the truth behind The Boy.
Don't forget to feed him 
One thing for sure, the marketing team did a good job to promote this film as a horror story when it actually ends in a totally expected or unexpected way (for some). There are truly some eerie moments here and there which will convince you that the doll is indeed alive. The way the doll ‘looks’ is sometimes enough to send shiver down your spine. The ending however was a let-down (for me), because I saw the ending way before the story reached its climax. All that suspenseful build up crumbled in a matter of seconds.
Remember and follow the rules. 
Hollywood needs to go back to the draw board to learn a proper way to scare the audience instead of churning out this kind of crap. Period. 

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