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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Revenant Review

Leo is at it again! 
The Revenant Review – Finally…will this be Leo’s Oscar crowning glory flick? It sure does looks like it.
Check out the Oscar nomination nods
Set in the 1820’s, a group of pelt (animal fur) hunters are ambushed by the native Indians. They escape helter skelter for their lives because those captured by the Indians are slaughtered (I mean like cattle farm animals just slit slit slit….ugh). The survivors flee on a boat with Hugh Glass (Leo DiCaprio) navigating as he knows the woods pretty well. Soon the group had to abandon the waterway as they are afraid being followed and might get ambushed again. Glass leads the way and while scouting for route he gets attacked and mauled really bad by a grizzly bear. The Captain in command however decides to clean his wounds and carry him all the way to safety. Unfortunately the path gets too rough and Glass is left to be cared for by Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), Bridger and Glass’s half native son, Hawk. Fitzgerald hatches his own agenda and tries end Glass’s misery. He betrays the trust bestowed on him. Not long after being left to defend for his life, Glass makes an amazing recovery and continues his journey trying to avenge on what happened to him. Faced with the elements which are mostly against his odds, can Glass make it out alive come face to face with those who deceived him?  
All three men gunning to Golden Statue glory. Who will triumph? 
Including The Best Picture, Director and Actor in a Leading Role, this movie is nominated for another nine (9) Academy Awards which shows how much attention to detail was paid into making this epic movie. From the word get go, the audience are served with non-stop action, drama, tragedy…you name it…it’s all in there. You will cringe in pain watching Leo getting whacked by the bear, you will flinch in disgust watching Leo eating a raw bison liver, you will squirm watching Leo hide inside a horse’s carcass. The catch is Leo, he gives the performance of his lifetime, committing himself truly to the role. If he doesn’t win his Golden Statue this time, there must be something really wrong with the movie industry. Not just Leo, the others involved in other part of the movie should get their reward as well. From the sound editing, the cinematography, the make-up, the visual effects, all top notch and real stand out. This is how tonnes of money should be spent so that movie goers will get their money’s worth.
Leo aiming for his Oscar perhaps? 
 Warning for those who are terrified of blood, there are loads of gory scenes so be sure not to eat too much before going into the cinema for this. Otherwise, sit back (if you can) and enjoy The Revenant.  

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