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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Room Review

Ma and Jack bonding. 
Room Review – Movie not shown in Malaysia, I have no idea but do try to watch it if you can…i.e. – download haram. (P/s – I watched in Bangkok)
Jack's only connection to the outside world. 
Joy (my latest crush, Brie Larson) lives with her five (5) year old son, Jack (cutie pie, Jacob Tremblay) inside a very small confinement referred by them as Room with view to the outside world is only a window as a skylight high above the roof. (*Confession – at first I thought Joy was a prostitute which proofs assumption is a very bad idea.) As the story builds it’s established that Joy was kidnapped when she was seventeen (17) years old and held captive by her crazy abductor-rapist, Nick who comes and goes (as in rapes her) as he pleases. Meanwhile, Jack grows up in his own world thinking that nothing exits outside the room until Joy decides to break the truth to him. Slowly trying to plan their escape, Joy convinces Jack to play dead so Nick will remove him from the room. The plan works and Jack gets the taste of the outside world for the first time ever and manage to rescue Joy. Safely returned to the reality, Joy is hit with more anxiety, she struggles with anger and depression while Jack tries to adapt to his new environment. Can this mother and son cope life outside the Room after being locked up for so long?
The chemistry between these two are simply amazing! 

In real life both Brie and Jacob are only 26 and 9 years old respectively but both displayed a great performance well beyond their age. Jacob especially will steal your heart with his innocence while Brie is on her way for bigger roles after sweeping off most of the awards for Best Actress. At the time of this review, she is nominated for an Oscar for this role which I without doubt can say she will bag. Her character will make you feel all kind of emotions towards her. Pity at first then perhaps loathe followed by trying to understand why she is behaving the way she is now. Sounds like an Oscar winning performance to me! Addition of veteran actors such as Joan Allen (as the mother) and William H Macy (father) will take you back in time to show how different Joy was before going thru such traumatic incident. The camera work to capture the cramped environment to look both restricted and spacious might make those with claustrophobia seem queasy but that’s how  good the detailing was done. This movie is worth the numerous nominations it received for the upcoming Academy Awards while Brie Larson is certainly a winner in my heart, Oscar win or not. Ehem. 

How cute are these two? 
You may think this is just a movie adapted from a best-selling book but trying searching online and you will find there are real life situation where people gets locked up against their will. What drives the other person to commit such act? I have no idea but let’s just hope these monsters will come to their senses and realize that every creature in the planet deserve their own freedom. Let not there be another Room situation ever to exist.
Super crush over this beauty! 

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