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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ola Bola Review

Bola time! 
Ola Bola Review – It’s not just about bola sepak…
Harimau Malaya 
Marianne is an ambitious reporter counting down her days to leave for England until she is assigned to do a story on the glory days of Malaysian football team. She travels to Sabah to locate on the football great to re-live those moments. The squad was at first struggling to play as a team with the individuals involved faced with their own personal problems. They loose match after match and are de-moralised until newly appointed English coach decides to turn the table around and change the line-up. Tempers flare at first but soon the multi-raced side start to click together and face the biggest match of their life. Will they be able to come up on tops? 
Kita menang sama-sama, Kita kalah sama-sama. Kita training pun sama-sama
The Director, Chui took a big risk with The Journey few years back and was awarded handsomely for showing how Malaysians lived together in harmony. He once again spurs the sense of togetherness by offering us this sporting story. His tale hits a familiar feeling that Malaysians hold closely to our heart, supporting our team in time of need. The brilliant plot coupled with excellent acting by mostly new comers along with marvellous cinematography to capture our nation’s natural beauty will jerk at least a few tears from movie goers. Watching and hearing the crowd in Stadium Merdeka rooting for the team gave me goosebumps as if I was seated at the venue. Such is the superb work by those involved in making this film.
Komen jangan tak komen! 
With the current slump of our National football team in the international arena, this film is a timely release to remind Malaysians of the fighting spirit of the players showed during the most difficult times of their life. Hopefully it will serve as an encouragement for the present players to achieve what others thought was impossible task. Ola Bola scores big time in my books. Majulah sukan untuk Negara! 

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