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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

#TSDayOut Escape Room Edition!

Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa!!! After missing out on previous #TSDayOut due to unforeseen circumstances, it was time once again to cause some havoc with the old and new gang from Tourism Selangor together-gather with some bloggerazis! My name was picked randomly together with my friend, Bella, whom I got to know thru previous #TSDayOut event and have since become a nutty friend of mine. The activity this time however was an indoor type. Takleh lah asik merayau kat luar jer kan…sesekali nak gak sembunyi daripada pancaran Matahari untuk melindungi kulit comel saya ni. Hehehe.
It's backkkkkk!!! 
Soooooooooo……where to you wonder? I bet you must have heard about Escape Room by now. Kalau tak sila baca the following description ‘copy pasted’ from Escape Room FB page sebab saya tak reti nak explain betul-betul. Nanti kalau salah describe kena saman lak.
Escape Room Is Malaysia's First Real Life Interactive Escape Game. The challenge, should you choose to accept, is to engineer an escape in a tight race against the clock in 45 minutes. This game requires 2 to 8 players and we strive to keep your adrenaline rush going by changing the themes of the rooms periodically. Of course we can't give away too much here. (You need the surprises so you too can cover the entire emotional spectrum from frantic and despondent to thrill and captivated).
Ada berani mau escape? 
Ada faham? Kalau tak cuba try going to any of their branch to cuba nak loloskan diri dari bilik tema tertentu. Aculi sebelum #TSDayOut, saya with few of my friends dah pernah try so tak lah terkejut beruk sangat during #TSDayOut. Tried three (3) times before and sekali je fail nak dodge the challenge. Not bad right?
Previous escapessssssss.....

Lokasi pilihan ialah kat Klang...ayooo Amma...why so far dey? Well…sebab Klang is part of Selangor lar! Duh! Nasib baik Bella’s name was picked so dapat gak transport pi sana. Early Saturday morning kami berdua dengan penuh bersemangat menuju ke lokasi yang terletak tidak jauh dari AEO Bukit Tinggi Klang. Sampai je dah nampak few familiar faces….depa lak tengok aku and went…lerrrrr ko lagi….why op kos it’s me again! Dah unofficial mascot kot. Sesekali kenalah buat special appearance.

While waiting for the rest of the late comers to arrive, we were given bright yellow #TSDayOut T-shirt, a can of Milo ngan roti plus goodie bag which came with a small cute power bank, tumbler and TS badge. 
Lepas tu kena eskot pi walap breakfast at restaurant nearby. All paid for by Tourism Selangor. Bagus betul lah diorang ni jaga kanak-kanak Ribena cam kami. Lepas dah mum-mum it was game time.
Oh how I have missed you banner...errr...
Kanak-kanak Ribena sedang menunggu...
Before that Miss Renuga gave a welcoming speech followed by small intro of the game by co-founder of Escape Room, Mr. Victor Lo (handsome pulak aku tengok laki Hong Kong ni! Hehehe) Ok ok focus Mani…eh jap…got another mamat comei ala Harry Potter…(whodat? whodat?) aaaaaa….yang tu korang kena stay tuned dulu. (Yes I is evil!) 
Multi-tasking katanyer.....
Victor & mua....
We were separated into group of four (4) team members to take on two (2) Escape Room. My team mates were Khairul, Faris and Putra. Our first room (sounds kinky no? Hehehe) was Prison Break. Erk…awal-awal dah kena masuk penjara pulak and kalau dah jadi prisoner sure kena gari kan? (*wink wink). 
Clues here and there

Guess what? We were handcuffed to each other on one hand while our eyes were blindfolded! Hmmm….interesting. Lepas tu the ‘Warden’ took us to our ‘cell’. Masuk dalam tengok ada katil, tandas and grill bar blocking us from getting to the next level of the room. The ‘Warden’ explained further about the ‘prison’ and the timer were set at 45 minutes. Fuh! Stress!
No time to sleep! 
First thing we needed to do was to unlock the gari. We managed to open the box containing the key but cuba punya cuba takleh nak buka handcuff bongok tu! Aaaaiiiieeeee!!! Geramnyer. Takpe focus on benda lain dulu lak. While still being ‘cuffed’ together we tried to solve other clues. Most of the locks are to be opened using number combination so imagine my excitement as someone who ‘loves’ numbers! Bluek! We were able to buka another box but the blardy handcuff was restricting our movement so we decided to use our first ‘save call button’. Warden masuk balik and helped to ‘un-gari’ us. Tengok-tengok kunci bongok tu ada slight malfunction lak. Chet! 
Warden explaining....
Once we got freed, it was much easier to roam around the room. With excellent joint effort between my teammates, we berjaya nak pegi bilik lagi satu but had trouble trying to figure out the clues so we ‘asked’ for help once more. Lepas tu apa lagi? Race against time lar. With less than 6 minutes our ‘gang’ escaped. Mak ai lega giler ok. Keluar tengok team lain belum abis lagi so celebrate our breakout by taking victory pictures.
We escaped the prison!!! 
Cayalah gang bandit aku ni! 
One by one group that managed to beat the time or got beaten by the time came out. Lepas tu apa lagi? Kecoh kejap till we got prepped for the next room which is the most difficult room, Taken. If you are a movie buff, you would know that Liam Neeson started in a movie with the same title as father whose daughter was kidnap and try to rescue her. Bilik ni punya storyline lebih kurang sama lar. 
Ay caremba....susah siot bilik ni! 
In we went and started to ransack the oredi messed up room, searching for all and any clues possible to ‘rescue’ the kidnapped girl. Once again teamwork was awesome as we kept talking and lending hand to each other when any of us got stuck on the next move. We unlocked one manga after another with time catching up fast on us. On the last room where we ‘found’ the girl, we were left with less than three (3) minutes! ARGHHH….4567 1357 9745 1567 1578…hampeh apa nombor kombinasi untuk lock ni wey???…ok ok…rilek rilek…pikir betul-betul…tak guna rush. Lepas tu…jeng jeng jeng with two (2) minutes to spare we emerged from Taken room. Cewah! Bravo team!!! Tak sangka boleh lepas siot! Hampir nak pitam kejap tadi. Next up…photo session lar…apa lagi?
Woot! Woot! 
#amekko! two for two yo! 

Dah syiok dok lepaskan diri, perut dah mula keluar bunyi so it was makan time, courtesy of Tourism Selangor op kos!
Yummy yum yum
Nyum nyum, pok pek pok pek, click click, sok sek sok sek….meriah sungguh suasana kat restoran masa tu. 

Lepas perut dah kenyang, we went back up for official result. Orang ingat main Escape Room tadi tu for…errr…main-main je but guess what? The awesome people of Tourism Selangor siap prepared medal for top three winners yo! Fuhyo! Cayalah korang ni, ada je surprise setiap kali join #TSDayOut ni! 
Result time......jeng jeng jeng
Nak tau apa yang lagi best? Our team got first place! Woot woot! Tempat kedua and ketiga tak ingat siapa menang…hehehe poyo tak? 
On top of the Escape Room game winners, next in line was to reward six (6) best Instagram pictures. Hmm…tang amek gamba ni memang aku jarang sekali sangkut. Two (2) of my teammates, Faris and Putra won and so did Bella…#untunglar till tetiba keluar pulak nama aku….aiks…biar betul? Hehehe…double ong lor! Hiak! Hiak! Hiak! 
Double 'ong' day! 
Lepas dah diumum nama para pemenang, time for more photo op so jom serang. Siapa nak amek gamba ngan mascot TS silakan sementara stok masih ada. 
Muka kanak-kanak riang! 
Sambil tuh…I is was jeling-jeling kat mamat ‘Harry  Potter’ I mentioned earlier. Rupa-rupanya his name is Zoey Rahman…local artist….ooooo patutler kiut! Ehem…ok lah…bagi chan kat mamat tu amik gamba ngan aku lar. Hehehe…later I showed that picture to my colleagues and they went…. ‘Maniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..ko amek gambar ngan Zoeyyyyyyyyyy’…….errr….ok ok….bawak bertenang korang semua. Cuba be cool cam aku boleh tak?
Jangan jelesssssss....ehehehe
Sooooooo…..there you go another fantastic way to spend time with old while making more new friends whilst discovering another part of Selangor. Well done Tourism Selangor for stepping up the game this time and making sure the participants leave with a big smile on their faces, tummy filled with yummy food and kepala penuh dengan memori gumbira! To those who have yet to join, don’t fret because I’m sure Tourism Selangor will come up with more great activities for us to enjoy kao kao!
Till then jangan lupa nak cuba try Escape Room and stalk Tourism Selangor social network links provided below: -

Fun and joy gerenti bila dapat join another
P/s - Photo credits to Nigel Low

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