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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Planes : Fire and Rescue Review

Dusty is back!!! 
Planes : Fire and Rescue Review – After winning the World Championship, life is never the same for the tiny crop-dusting plane, Dusty. What fly-venture will he face this time around? your service! 
Flying high off his victory, Dusty (Dane Cook) is brought back to the ground when he busts his gearbox. Bad news gets worst when his gearbox are out of production and while flying to release his frustration, Dusty accidently set fire to the town airport. Lack of latest security features cause the airport to shut down until they can find an additional fire fighter. In order to make up for his mistake, Dusty takes up aging fire fighter, Mayday (Hal Holbrook) offers to train at Piston Peak Air Attack Base. Once there, Dusty is educated the correct way to put off fire by Blade Ranger (Ed Harris). Together with the rest of team comprising of Lil Dipper (Julie Bowen), Windlifter (Wes Studi) and a lively bunch of brave all-terrain vehicles known as The Smokejumpers., Dusty has to face his biggest challenge to save lives. Will he succeed in his mission to obtain a fire fighter certification?
Ground crew! 
Lively cast voice used for this flick helped bring out the characters. Most prominent would be Dane Cook but I liked Julie Bowen’s Lil Dipper the best. New characters voice was a good addition. As for the story, it’s much developed than the predecessor so I enjoyed this one better. The spirited music, the vibrant colours - it had all the usual Disney animation ingredients but sadly something is still amiss. It’s just not how Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast used to be. Maybe it’s just me. Haih.

Fire busters! 
If you are going to be a sour puss, you would wonder few of these things like… who are the seats for? How can they see the gauges inside the cockpit when their eyes are outside the plane? Just remember it’s an ANIMATION so stop being an arse and just enjoy ok. If this flick doesn’t take off-pun intended your interesting just swing by other movie instead. Not that hard now is it? 
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