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Monday, 8 September 2014

As Above/So Below Review

Another side of Paris...
As Above/So Below Review – Hot looking explorer chick looking for the infamous Philosopher’s Stone underneath the City of Light…interesting…..or is it???
Hot looking cast wasted on this flick....tsk tsk tsk
Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks) is daughter of a famous explorer who was in the verge of discovering the location of illusive stone ‘created’ by Nicholas Flamel. Her father however commits suicide before he could get to the stone. Scarlett is then bent on pursuing her father’s hunt. After figuring out an important clue in the Middle East, she travels to France to recruit her old flame, Benji (Ben Feldman) to help her translate the rest of the hints. Together with an amateur cameraman and bunch of underground ‘experts’, they venture below to the tunnel. As you can imagine, creepy, eerie, sinister, disturbing and what not things start to happen just when the team think they have finally found the ‘treasure’. Little did they know that was just a small part of the puzzle they need to solve. They will soon learn that finding the way back alive will involve them facing their past and survive the lesson it taught them.   
Stuck between hell, haven and Earth! 
The Director decides to hire a hottie and put her thru hell-like literally! Drench her with sweat, crawl over bones, douse in blood, you name it…she’s been thru it. Too bad the ‘action’ part failed highlight her multiple academic distinctions. She still ends up looks like any dumb blonde stuck in a horror movie trying to make her way out alive. While the rest of the cast are there only to provide extra screams while causing more confusion and panic. Don’t get me started about the camera work. Total headache trigger, my friend refused to look at the screen because the whole damn movie was shot using a hand held camera. Silap haribulan can vomit your food and look for Panadol later. Paris is always portrayed as City of Love which looks bloody scary from another angle! One is better off staying on ground rather than explore what’s underneath.

Will she make it our alive? 
Nothing…I mean not even one special thing about this flick. I mean something’s are never meant to be found so let’s leave it where it belongs and move on with our lives shall we? Plus everybody knows…the Philosopher’s Stone is with Harry Potter isn’t?! Hehehe Lame… I know but then so is this flick. Bluek.  

P/s - Thank you for the Churp Churp for the #Churpremiere tickets!!! 

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