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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Trolls Review

Remember these fellas from Toy Story?

Trolls Review – Remember playing with the crazy haired toys before? Well, now they have their own movie for us to watch and enjoy! 

Peppy's colourful friends.

Trolls are known as a happy being that enjoy singing and dancing while the miserable Bergens believe that they can only be happy if they ‘eat’ these bright hair coloured creatures. During the Bergens annual ‘Trollstice’, the Trolls King Peppy (Jeffrey Tambor) managed to escape along with his trolls before the Bergens Crown Prince Gristle Jr.  (Christopher Mitntz-Plasse could taste his first ever troll. Failing to guard the trolls, King Gristle Sr. (John Cleese) banish the Chef (Christine Baranski) from his kingdom. Twenty (20) years passes by with King Peppy’s daughter Princess Peppy (Anna Kendrick) organising a big party to celebrate their freedom anniversary. Her over the top party accidently reveal their location to Chef who have been searching for the trolls since her banishment. The Chef managed to capture some of Peppy’s friends and feeling guilty over her mistake, Peppy travel to Bergen town to rescue them. Once there, Peppy learns more about the Bergens and tries to find a way for everybody to be content. Will she able to overcome the difficulties and save her troll buddies in time and perhaps change the situation between the Trolls and the Bergens? 

Get ready for the explosion of colours and awesome songs ti sing along to

Talk about a talented voice over cast can both 'act' and sing. From Anna Kendrick to Justin Timberlake to Gwen Stefani and even Zooey Deschanel, each of the trolls characters is cute as a button and loveable. With such gifted performers, you will find yourself enjoying every moment of this movie. Coupled with evergreen songs and also new tunes, the soundtrack to the movie is also a must have to enjoy the music after leaving the cinema. You are bound to hum a few tunes and also move your body a little grooving along with the trolls. The vibrant background, especially the trolls hair might temp you to dye your hair in funky colours. I heard both kids and adults chuckling during the screening which shows that this is the feel good movie of this year. 

...these two trolls should make an album together. 

If you can find your trolls toys now, you might look at them differently ‘knowing’ that they are joyful characters. Now excuse me while I try to locate mine.

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