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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Secret Life of Pets Review

Watchu looking at guys? 

The Secret Life Of Pets – Ever wonder are our furry friends up to when we leave them? 

'em pets

Max is a happy pooch until his human owner brings back a homeless new buddy, Duke. Max hatch a plan to get Duke disposed. His idea however back fires and leaves both dogs out in the street. They get caught by the dog catchers but managed to escape the dog pound with the help of Snowball the bunny. What starts as a rivalry soon becomes a friendship as both Max and Duke tries to find their way back home to their loving owner. Can they overcome the obstacles or end up being unwanted? 

'em rescue crew

Get ready to laugh your butts off with this one. Kevin Hart as the crazy Snowball totally steals the scene whenever the bunny appears on screen. While the simple storyline will appeal to both kids and adults alike. With the colourful background of the city life and a cute love story along with value about friendship will make you glee in joy. 

'em love birds...errrr....dogs...

I truly enjoyed watching and getting an idea of what my furballs are doing at home. Now if only I can get them to watch it with me, I bet they like it as well.

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