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Friday, 14 October 2016

The BFG Review

The Big Friendly Giant with his tiny human friend.

The BFG Review – Big Giant with a big heart. 

Would you dare? 

A young orphan girl, Sophie comes across a being from another dimension that takes her on an adventure. Little did she knew she will be having the time of her life with her new friend she calls Big Friendly Giant. Can this odd friendship last? 

When even the Big Friendly Giant is not bigger than the other not so friendly giants. 

The voice of Mark Rylance as the BFG was excellent. The little girl who played Sophie has a bright future. The special effect was brilliant but did have some flaws by looking too CGI-ed. The storyline was also was rather slow-paced till I did doze off few times. Other than that it was fun watch. 

Hello there big friend. 

I won’t watch this if I want to have a productive day as it is leans more towards a relaxed and laidback feeling kinda of flick. 

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