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Friday, 14 October 2016

Morgan Review

Who or what is Morgan?
Morgan Review – Can an almost human like girl bred from artificial DNA differentiate between real human emotions and simulated feelings? 
Food was that ey Morgan?
Risk-assessment specialist Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is assigned to examine Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy), the man-made human child when it attacks one of the creator. Upon arrival, Lee notices that the group of scientists are like a close knit of family who have since grown fond of Morgan and would do anything to keep their experiment stay alive. Trouble soon takes over the facility and one by one face the consequence of their action. Can this experimental run survive or end up getting scraped for good?  
Kate : I can't believe I actually agreed to act in this movie.
Kate of Kate…such a wonderful talented actress who is wasted over and over again in misfired roles. This time she is joined by the likes of Paul Giamati and our very own Michelle Yeoh. Honestly, all I wanted once I got bored of this film, (which was very fast) was for everybody to end their misery in being casted in such a senseless film. I could see the ending way before half way thru the movie and what made it worse was the slow-arse phase. At one point, I almost wanted to shout… ‘enough already-lah, just get it over with! UGH!’. Need I go on? 

R u looking at me?
Stop messing with human DNA or any genetic chromosome for that matter stupid humans. We are not GOD. Period!

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