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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Girl in the Train Review

All aboard...or not...
The Girl On The Train Review – Tsk tsk tsk…why Emily? Why did you agree to act in this crap movie adaptation? 
Hang on...did I miss the stop again?
Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) suffers from alcohol addiction after failing to get pregnant. Pretty soon her husband divorces her and goes on to have a new family. To divert her heartache, Rachel begins to observe a pair of young couple while commuting from her home to work. She imagines this couple to be a perfect symbol of love until she notices something scandalous. A very drunk Rachael decides to take matter into her own hands without knowing the actual situation and end up getting caught in a very sticky situation. Can Racheal compose herself enough to figure out truth behind these happenings? 

Dear Rebecca, please dye your hair back to darker shade and kick some arse instead of carrying babies. 
I took note of this flick after the cast was announced (especially the ladies!). I mean, with names like Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Laura Prepon, Allison Janney and even Lisa Kudrow. I was hoping to feast my eyes with the abundance of talents, all I got instead was praying that they won’t get involved with another stinker like this in the future. I saw the ending mile before it reached the destination and couldn’t wait for the big reveal only to be disappointed by the lack proper climax. The setting of the movie was sombre, the storyline was a torture. Anything that could go wrong into translating a good book into a movie happened in this film. I can’t find anything good to say about this. I wish I had missed The Girl On The Train and get on board another form of movie transportation instead.

I need a drink too after sitting thru this train-wrecked flick. Bluergh. 

Talk about a snail paced movie, this flick certainly takes the cake for it. I almost thought I about getting sloshed sitting thru this train-wreck. Bluergh…

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