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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Storks Review

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Storks Review – Remember when we were told that storks ‘delivered’ the babies? Well, guess what…they do deliver alright but with a slight change. 
The who and who...
A young lonely boy, Nate finds some old flyers on baby delivery services by storks and decides to write in to ‘request’ for a new baby brother without his busy parents knowledge. Little did Nate know that Storks have since ‘upgraded’ their courier service into sending other products to their customers. The storks also have their hands full in the form of an ‘undelivered’ orphan, Tulip who always cause chaos until up for promotion, Junior assigns her to the now unused mail sorting department. Tulip receives Nate’s letter and decided to switch on the old ‘baby making machine’ which pops out a little bundle of joy. Junior is now left with no choice but to deal with the latest circumstances without jeopardising his promotion. Can Tulip and Junior work out the situation or end up having to raise another orphan baby? 
Think we are in trouble? 
Kids and adults alike will surely enjoy this flick. Kids mainly for the vibrant colours (look out for the babies curls) while adults will strike a chord with the simple yet quite educational storyline. There is an underlying message for working adults not to be too focused on their work until they fail to notice the little time they have to spend it with their kids. Look out for the funny part by the goofy wolves. I was laughing my butts off with their antics and pretty much smiling throughout the whole movie. The voice cast is right on spot and you can’t miss out on a very Donald Trump look alike busy-body bird called Toady. that you Trump?
Just sit back and enjoy this flick with your family and watch what the Storks do best.

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