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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Train to Busan Review

Run Koreans Run!!!
Train To Busan Review – The zombie pandemic finally cross border and reach our Asian film shore. 
#ODD to face 'em deadly zombie mofos! 
Fund manager, Seok Woo is having a bad day at the office and home with his client’s shares crashing and along with his crumbling marriage. His daughter Soo-an is also angry at him for neglecting her over his busy schedule. Soo-an gets bored living with her father and insist that he sends her to live with their mother in Busan. Seok Woo finally finds time and board the train to Busan. Unknown to them and the other passengers is that a dangerous zombie outbreak has taken over most of Korea. One of the ‘bite victim’ managed to enter the train at the last minute and the next thing you know almost everyone gets infected turning the train ride into a journey of death or alive. Will anyone survive the train to Busan? 
What would you do? Who would you save? 
Where do I start? I never thought I would enjoy a Korean movie this much but credit must be given when it’s due right? This film has all the right ingredient to make it an international hit. Capturing worldwide audience’s attention with the current zombie apocalypse theme while inserting Asian values. The performances by the actors were great especially from a certain baddie and even the horrible zombies deserve some praise. The storyline is well thought to keep an exciting journey to reach Busan. You will find yourself exhale in relief that this is just a work of fiction and no such thing as zombie disaster will ever happen for real…right? *shudder that you Zahid Hamidi? Hehehe
This maybe a ‘train ride’ but get ready for a roller coaster of feelings while watching it. From the word get go it takes you thru so many level of emotions. My friend and I laughed, cringed and heck…we even end up crying at one heart-breaking scene. We were also rooting for some passengers to make it while cursing the crap out of some selfish commuters to meet their end in a possible awful way. Overall we were glad we got ‘on-board’ Korea’s highest grossing film in Malaysia and so will you. 

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