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Friday, 14 October 2016

Sully Review

Captain, we have a problem...

Sully Review – Film based on the truly amazing ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ event. 

The Captain and his first officer.

Imagine hearing this when you are on board a A320 Airbus not even 10 minutes into your domestic flight, Brace for impact because we're going down”. What the heck would/could you do except for pray hard that the grim reaper will ignore your name on the list and move on to other name. That was the situation all 155 souls had to face when their plane’s engine failed after hitting a flock of birds mid-air. Thank God for their experienced Captain Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) who managed to avoid another air travel disaster to hit America. We not only get to witness the miracle but also glimpse or the scrutiny he had to face to clear his name although he successfully controlled the situation and saved every single live under his care.  

The real Captain Sully. 

Helmed by the legendary Clint Eastwood and starring the ever amazing Tom Hanks about an actual incident,  do I need to explain about the marvellous job done by both of them off and on screen respectively? I can’t imagine anybody else to bring this miraculous happening into the big screen except for Mr. Eastwood. His trust in Hanks pays off handsomely as Tom managed to capture our attention and senses during and after the ‘landing’ scenes. Clint not only focused on the miracle but also the aftermath the flight team, especially Captain Sully had to face with vigorous probe to figure out what other option or action that would have been ‘suitable’ at time of such crisis. The investigative committee set up after the ‘storm’ to examine and study the incident with computer stimulation intrigued me the most showing the difference between computer generated action and actual human reaction.  Just like how Captain Sully showed no flaw in his ‘landing’ method, I couldn’t find any fault in this remarkable film. 

The actual stranded plane. 

Just pray hard you don’t ever have to face such situation when board a plane. Amen.

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