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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mr. Right Review

Perfect couple?

Mr. Right Review – Careful who you fall in love with, really…careful. 
More like cute couple! 
Martha (Anna Kendrick) is an unlucky in love girl who bumps into charming Francis (Sam Rockwell) by accident. They click immediately and soon go on date where Francis tells Martha that he is hitman. Martha brushes it off as a joke until she witness him ‘execute’ a guy. The initial shock makes her retrieve away from him while Francis is bent on having a relationship with her. He promises to leave the ‘killing business’ and turn over a new leaf. All hell breaks loose Francis himself becomes a target by local gangsters who kidnaps Martha in order to get to him. Que loads of shooting, slashing and what not so the hopeless Romeo can get back his Juliet.  
Make that adorable couple!
Despite the age gap between Anna and Sam (she is 30 and he is 47), the chemistry between these two are so adorable. They compliment each so well that will get you rooting for them to be together despite the deadly circumstances. Accompanied by a crazy plot this flick is a fun watch from the start to the end. It moves well from romantic to action to comedy flawlessly that will leave you smiling, smirking and all kind of other emotions. 
Heck these two should make another movie together! 
Drop what you are doing and go watch this, that is my only recommendation and have I mentioned how cute Anna and Sam looks together? *insert smiley face 

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