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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Eye In The Sky Review

They are watching us

Eye In The Sky Review - The late Alan Rickman’s swan song. 

Mirren the magnificent!

Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren in military camp suit) have been tracking a wanted British terrorist who have converted into Islam and suspected responsible for some deadly terror attacks around the African nation. She gets her chance to capture her prize when a group of dangerous terrorists gather to plan another suicide attack. The new circumstances changes the initial plan from ‘capturing’ to killing them with the help of American allies drone strike. Unfortunately before she could take action, Katherine needs permission from ‘the authority’ who seems to get in her away along with a local girl who is in the line of fire. Morally conscious American drone pilot, Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) decides to halt the attack until the girl is safe from the intended target area. With the advice of Lt General Frank Benson (the late great Alan Rickman looking sharp in his military outfit as well), the defence department have to make a decision that may safe thousands but kill an innocent live. Will their take the risk of eliminating their target or salvage the girl from becoming a collateral damage? 

The Late Great Alan Rickman

This film brings the acting world closer that ever combining British, American and African talents together. We have Mirren and Rickman playing the military roles in England while Aaron Paul mans the American drone and Barked Abdi on the ground in Nairobi, Kenya trying to infiltrate the enemy ground. All of them do not meet eye to eye but by the end of it feels like they know about each other more intimately. Dame Helen as usual brings out her best performance as a soldier who have witnessed enough destruction brought on by the bandits until she doesn’t care about the nationality of the wrong doer as long as they pay for their crime. While Alan Rickman commands your attention whenever he appears on screen with his distinctive voice and presence. He gives a stern word to a politician who tries to point a guilt to him. To quote him…’Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war’….que goosebumps yo! These two legends should be reason enough for you to catch this movie or if you need further convincing. The phase of the movie almost made me fall of my chair when it gets too intensive. Plus the camerawork might get you moving side to side as well trying to find an angle t escape the drone attack. So what are you waiting for? Go witness what it takes to play ‘God’ sometimes. 

Don;t take my word, go watch! 

The entire movie is just one extended scene to decide what is right and what is wrong. It’s about whether its worth scarifying one life to save others. The decision to play ‘God’ to choose who lives and who dies without giving them a chance to even know what is going on. What would you do if you were in such a position. I for once can’t even imagine having to make such decisions and hope those who are in power will not abuse their authority for the benefits of few. (Unfortunately that’s not what is going in the world now is it? Sigh) 

P/s - Thank you Star2 for the preview tickets.

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