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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Midnight Special Review

Midnight Special Review – If you missed watching the classic E.T., this is like a human version of the same…a very very bad version…I mean like really really bad version. Maybe it’s just me but you can go watch it and let me know of your opinion differs from mine. 
Alton the amazing? 
Alton is an eight year old boy with some super abilities that gets him hunted down by both the government and religious cult. His father takes him on a run to meet their mother so they can fulfilled a prophesy. Taking on the case on behalf of the FBI, Paul Sevier finally figures out their destination and manages to ‘capture’ the runaways for questionings. Paul later believes Alton’s purpose on Earth and takes him to meet his father who later takes him to a final location when our world and Alton’s realm collides.  
He can do 'wonders' with his 'gift'
Boasting acting talents from Star Wars (Adam Driver), Superman (Michael Shannon) and Spiderman (Kirsten Dunst), I was hoping to be blown away but instead was disappointed. There was a story but it just didn’t fly with me. The title was interesting but that’s about it, there were nothing special that took place in Midnight Special that left me wondering why the heck would they call it that in the first place. The special effects didn’t help much either instead got me scratching my head trying to figure out what is going on.  

Special much? Errrr.....not in my book. 
Trust me the storyline does sounds interesting when you read my synopsis but the way it was carried out in the film almost killed my slowly. It was so painful trying to figure out what the heck was going on and once it dawns on you what it happening, it’s already too late for me to care what will happen next except for have the patience to sit till the end, doze off or walk off the cinema. I managed to stay put till end credit, don’t ask me why but I did. Let’s just say, my curiosity got the better part me to just get it over with this movie. 

P/s - Thank you Grabies for the preview tickets

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