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Friday, 8 April 2016

Before I Wake Review

Wakey wakey!!! 
Before I Wake Review – What if your dream comes true but not just your dream but your nightmare as well, would you dare to fall asleep?
Cutie Jacob!!! 
Cody (the super cute Jacob Tremblay) is an orphan that finds a new home with Jessie (a deadpan looking Kate Bosworth) and Mark (a totally different looking Thomas Jane) who recently lost their own son in a drowning incident. While trying to bond as a family, Jessie and Mark finds out that Cody’s dreams can actually manifest into a reality. They try to use this advantage to ‘see’ their dead son but little did they know that Cody’s nightmare are deadly as well. He dreams about a scary monster called Canker Man that apparently swallows people alive. Gulp…yup…be afraid, be very very afraid when Cody falls asleep because you have no idea if he will have a sweet dream or a nightmare!
Go back to acting school Kate. 
Let me start with the praise before start murdering this movie. The only good thing about this flick is Jacob, this cutie pie will melt your heart just like how he did in his breakout role in Room. Such a big talent for a tiny fella and hopefully his star will shine brighter in the future. Now the other cast members, the so called veterans, Kate and Thomas. I just felt like reaching into the screen and bitch slapping her for the lack of emotions. The make-up team made it even worse by turning her into a ‘bedak sejuk’ face with too much powder onto her face which didn’t help her in any way. As for Thomas, this hunk of a man looked like a freaking zombie half the movie and just came from a failed Tarzan movie audition. Tsk tsk…what happened to you wey? As for the storyline, it had something going on but felt like such a drag because of the slow pace. It was like watching the sloth’s scene in Zootopia recently, heck even they were ‘fast’ enough. This one needs a lot of patience before you get to an equally disappointing ending. Like…that’s it? The Director was trying to hit the horror genre but failed miserably. The ghostly scenes were one cheap shot after another to ‘scare’ the viewers. After a while, I felt like bitch slapping the ghost pulak! I will stop here Before I Wake-pun intended my anger!

What will he 'dream' about? 
As mentioned earlier, the movie had a good story but failed to get my attention because of the flow or should I say lack thereof. Only after my friend pointed out the moral behind it….I went ‘Ooooooooo yeah…’ because it had personally something to do with my own situation about learning to ‘let go’. Thanks goodness I don’t possess Cody’s ‘gift’ or else imagine my dreams and nightmare coming true? Now…that’s even scarier right? Hehe

*Confession - I do talk in sleep a lot 
apparently according to my sleeping partner. Ehem Teeheee. 
P/s - Thank you Lau for the tickets. 

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