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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Criminal Review

Good guy or bad man? 

Criminal Review – What would happen if you implant a secret agent’s memories and skills into a criminal’s head? 

Stuck in between doing the right thing or follow his instinct

CIA agent Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) is the only person who knows the whereabouts of The Dutchman, a hacker who has figured out how to break into the entire weaponry of the U.S. military’s central command. When Bill is captured and tortured to death, his brain activities is kept alive and ‘transferred’ onto Jerico’s (Kevin Costner) by Doctor Franks (Tommy Lee Jones) under the supervision of CIA Chief Quaker Wells (Gary Oldman). Once Jerico comes out of the anaesthetics, he gets grilled by Wells only to realize that the experimental surgery didn’t give the result they needed. Wells orders Jerico to be eliminated but instead he takes out the agents and goes on a mission to retrieve the huge sum of money all for himself. Slowly Jerico starts to inherit Bill’s memories and abilities. He visits Bill’s wife and kid and try to explain the situation while trying to stop the baddies from getting hold of The Dutchman from selling his intel to the Russians. 

The Bodyguard is back yo! 

When three (3) major leading man work together in a movie, one must not miss it. Each of them proves why they are in best in the business but special mention goes to Kevin for switching from a dangerous convict to a ‘responsible agent’.  Both Tommy’s and Gary’s role should have been swapped but they did give life as a doctor and CIA chief respectively rather well. The plot is interesting enough to keep you at the edge of the seat and also touch the family value when Jerico tries his best to save Bill’s wife and daughter. Can this former felon redeem himself or will it cost others their innocent lives?

What would you do? 

The premise of the film maybe questionable but interesting enough to keep one glued to the screen. My question, is this just a movie plot or has the authority have actually tried to use this method in real life, that we would never know now would we?

P/s - Thank you klips for the preview tickets. 

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