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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Split Review

Are you ready for this? 
Split Review – Dear M. Knight Shyamalan, you will never get another better actor than James McAvoy (no disrespect to Bruce and Samuel) so don’t give us another stinker please.
Why hello there Miss Patricia. 
Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) develops a condition referred as dissociative identity disorder due to his abusive childhood which forms at least twenty three (23) different personalities ‘inside’ him. Despite his unique situation, Kevin can function properly with a steady job while also consulting with a psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Fletcher (Better Buckley). Unfortunately one of his ‘personality’, Dennis decides to kidnap three (3) teenage girls to ‘punish’ them for their impurity. Soon we get to witness ‘other’ characters show themselves much to the confusion of his kidnap victims. In the meantime, Dr. Fletcher sensing something is wrong drops by Kevin’s place only to realize her worst suspicion was right all along. What will befall his poor kidnapped teens and can Dr. Fletcher save Kevin before his 24th ‘individuality’ known as The Beast appears?     
Hey Hedwig. 
Proving he can be more than Professor X in the X-man series, James McAvoy carries the whole movie on his own with his amazing talent. His switch from one personality to another is flawless and during one particular tense scene he character swap was simply breath-taking. From the talking, walking, body language to even dressing, he managed to capture different behaviours perfectly. My offer to enhance the realism of the roles would be giving him hair instead of going bald which would have added extra umph to the portrayed alter egos. The movement of the story however did feel rather dragged at some points and the greedy part in me wanted to ‘see’ all of his separate individuals ‘take the light’ instead of focusing too much only on certain personality. Perhaps Knight was building a story to make a sequel if this release becomes fruitful. He also managed to tie in with one of previous work by throwing in his usual twist right at the end of this movie.  
Guess who is here to meet you. 
Overall it’s a pretty decent attempt by Knight to be relevant in the movie making business again. Let’s hope that he doesn’t fumble after making this proper comeback (sorta).

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