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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Dog's Purpose Review

Every dog has its day and also its story.
A Dog's Purpose Review – Woof woof woof awwwwwwwooooofffff (translation – a movie not to be missed by not just dog lovers but animal lovers as well.
Ethan and Bailey
Bailey Bailey Bailey is destined to be the greatest dog to ever exist as it goes thru several rebirths as the furry one to find its purpose in life. First as a litter of stray that gets put down even before having a chance to explore the world. Then come its most treasured reincarnation as Labrador. His rescuer, a boy named Ethan loves him to bits. Bailey gets to live a fulfilling life until its old age while watching Ethan grow into a young lad himself. Soon it was time for another cycle. With different role and gender as a female German Shepard Police Dog, preventing crime from happening to later as a cute Corgi to a shy collage girl. Still trying to find its purpose, Bailey returns one more time as a golden retriever, unfortunately his caretaker doesn’t care for him as well as his previous owners. Bailey gets dumped by the roadside as he wanders by himself until he reaches a familiar spot…will Bailey end up being a stray or can he finally find his purpose as a dog?
Tino the adorable Corgi! 
Get ready to shed a tear or two watching this pooch tugging your heartstrings. Yes people, I had some waterworks of myself but not all for unhappy reason. Some scenes were beautifully crafted to show that animals too know how to love. Despite the controversy surrounding this film earlier, there is a good lesson to be learned on how to treat another living being. The director managed to capture the film thru the dog’s point of voice while also giving the mutt is own ‘voice’ to interpret things the doggies way. As mentioned earlier, besides the snuffles you are bound to also laugh and smile as you go on an adventure. The timeline is well matched with the flow of the story wrapping up with a wonderful conclusion.
... is that you...Bailey?
If you ever had a pet or planning to get one anytime soon, do catch this movie to have an idea on how to share your life with a special friend. The unique bond you form with your pets will always remain in your heart even after their passing. It doesn’t have to be a dog or car per say but as long as you can provide a loving home, the fella will forever be grateful to have found a good friend in you. Now please excuse me while I go and ‘torture’ my fuzzy kitty cats. Meowwwwww

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