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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Kaabil Review

Love at first sight. 
Kaabil Review- It's only January and I'm already into my 2nd Hindi movie after Dangal. Yes…even I’m surprised at this fact!
They maybe blind, but they are happy. 
Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) leads a normal life working as a voice over artist despite being blind until he ‘meets’ another blind independent girl, Supriya (Yami Gautam) who is a musician. Hesitant at first, they finally fall in love and get married. Just as the couple start their happy live together, tragedy strikes when Su is raped by Wasim (Sahidur Rahman) and Amit (Rohit Roy), brother of local politician, Shellar (Ronit Roy). With Shellar’s political influence, Amit managed to avoid from getting punished for his action. Failing to repent, Amit once again rapes Su and this time she commits suicide once witnessing Rohan’s agony after the first incident. Rohan’s world is completely shattered as the law fails to protect him and his wife while blaming the whole incident as a sham. Rohan then decides to take action by himself baiting Amit and those involved to avenge the tragic death of his beloved wife. in love with each other.
After witnessing the great Aamir Khan in Dangal, I didn’t expect much from Hrithik because I’m not really a fan of his movies, in fact this is my first Hrithik cinema experience. He however didn’t disappoint me with his quite powerful performance. My one problem was his over-enhanced expression to ‘look’ blind that was kinda over-whelming during some scenes. His other half in the movie portrayed her disability is much better way. I also had trouble with the way Rohan reacted towards his wife after rape incident, ignoring the traumatised wife and going on about with his usual routine only to apologise later which proved to be grave mistake. Perhaps if he had talked to her earlier about his feelings, things might have turned out differently but the Director needed a story so perhaps they made it such way to accommodate the storyline. If that’s the case, Bollywood movies still got a long way to go to change the mind-set of its audience. Some of things that happen in this film is only possible in the silver screen and not real life and hopefully real victims, blind or otherwise will be treated fairly instead of being accused of lying. I’m not totally against this flick but just saying it could have been so much better if reality based measures are taken instead of indulging in a fantasy actions.
Don't mess with this blind man. 
Overall it was entertaining but just didn’t make the cut to be a favourite repeat watch. 

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