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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hacksaw Ridge Review

Epic war flick!

Hacksaw Ridge Review – After previously being shunned for personal matters, Mel Gibson is back with what could be his magnum opus of a war film.

The Director and the cast sans their uniform

Please take note that this movie has a slow build up so you have to hang on till the combat scenes begin almost halfway thru. Once it does, be prepared to have your mind blown away as the soldiers get blown into pieces, burned, stabbed and what not. Mel Gibson holds no barrel to show how brutal wars can be. If you can’t stand the sight of blood, rats, maggots among others, you might want to stay away from this film but you will be missing out on one of the best war movie ever produced. The weight of the flick is carried well by Andrew Garfield. However despite what could be Andrew’s best acting todate, I still can’t accept him with his droopy eyes (I blame his Spidey reboot). Thankfully his supporting cast managed to also wow us in their respective roles. Without relying heavily on just the battle scenes, the film also managed to capture other aspects such as self-belief, love, relationship and compassion among others which is bound to touch your heart.

Mel the Redeemed.

Personally I was moved by Desmond Doss’s view about taking another person’s lives and wished more people would think like him. Sadly we all know it’s not likely to happen. While watching the movie I was impressed by the hard work put in by those involved to make film as successful as it is.  Yet I still can’t grasp the idea of war, humans fighting with one another, for what? Americans will certainly applaud this movie but can you imagine how the Japanese viewers might feel? The troops after all were in Japan, invading their country and attacking them in their homeland. Would you not fight for your country if it was attacked by foreign power? I know Japan did drop their bomb in Pearl Harbour but who used an atomic bomb not once but twice in the name of revenge? Think about it for a while will you? 

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