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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

La La Land Review

Gear up your dancing feet for this.
La La Land Review – A rare musical jewel is here to rescue us from the sea of superhero flicks.
Jump if you have watched La La Land. 
Mia (Emma Stone) is an aspiring actress working at a coffee shop to pay the bills who stumbles upon Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a struggling jazz pianist. They strike an unlikely friendship that turns them into lovers. Slowly but surely both finally find their footing in their respective field but this cause them to drift further apart from each other. With more fame and fortune come knocking at their door, can these two love birds stay together or leave their love on the backseat?
Will Mia and Seb only have eyes for each other by the end of La La Land?
Coming from the same Director that gave us the Oscar nominated Whiplash not long ago, we are once again offered another masterpiece of mixing story-telling with amazing music. The tunes are very ear friendly that you will find yourself humming and moving your feet to it in no time. It creates the good old days pleasant melodies while also capturing the current music trend in its arrangement. The camera work is another splendid feature moving flawlessly as if it is also dancing to its own steps. Of cause all this is made possible by the pairing of quirky Emma and dashing Ryan. Teaming up for the third time in a movie, this might be their own personal achievement to graduate from Superbad and Mickey Mouse Club respectively. This film will definitely take them to greater heights that they rightfully deserve. A simple story told in a whimsical way is sure to score big at the box office whilst having already collected heaps of awards so far. La La Land will surely become one of the classic treasure for Hollywood to enjoy for years to come.
The perfect couple? 
Drop your comic book and grab your seat for this delightful (although not all the way) silver screen gem.

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