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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Why Him? – Review

Why Him? – Review – James Franco wanting to be a paedophile (well…not quite but almost)
Just ignore them and eat your paper N
An old school printing company owner, Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) who is fast losing his business over the much more advance digital world is shocked when he finds out his goodie two-shoe daughter, Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) have been dating a very loud and brass Laird Mayhew (James Franco). The break the ice, she invites her family members so they could spend some time together. What happens next is funny, weird to downward awkward situations with both parties trying to adjust their lives around the newfound relationship.
Introducing your future son-in-law Dad. 
Remember when Bryan used to be Malcom’s dad? Now just change the situation turning Malcom into a girl and its pretty much the same thing that would have had happened. Meanwhile, James  keeps turning his acting skills into more creepy performance one movie after another. I wonder where did the Oscar nominee for 127 Hours has gone to and overtaken by this overgrown prankster wannabe. Sigh…what a waste of talent. This movie might come as another version of ‘Meet The Parents’ starring Ben Stiller not long ago but with much more crude jokes. You may laugh at some while also cringe at the rest. If you are easily turned off by bad jokes, then stay away from it.
Why James why
Enough with the crappy flicks James, please look at your brother Dave and start making proper films again please.

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