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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Patriots Day Review

Don't mess with Boston.
Patriots Day Review – The winning combo of Director, Peter Berg and his muse, Mark Wahlberg offers us another film based on true story.
May the innocent souls rest in peace. 
Year after year, the people of Boston look forward to their annual marathon but on April 15, 2013, the world were shocked when two (2) bombs blasted at the location of the event. The film captures the moment before, during and after the effects of the blast. Mark Wahlberg plays Boston Police Department Sergeant, Tommy Saunders bent on capturing the criminals responsible for the destruction. With the help of the local and federal agency along with local residents, the Boston PD work around the clock to keep their beloved city safe while they hunt for the culprits.
Boston PD always around to help those in need. 
Mark is the go to guy to depict what true American hero looks like when their civilian comes under attack. With his macho persona yet humorous side taking perfect time to shine, he can still pull crowd to flock a movie with mere mention of his name in the casting list. The other veterans such Kevin Bacon and John Goodman also deserve credit for their real to reel roles. As heart breaking as it is to watch what happened on the fateful day, one can’t imagine how the survivors felt living thru an experience of that magnitude. The film also captures what was going thru the mind of the ‘terrorist’ when they decide to go ahead with their evil plan. What would motivate someone to commit such horrendous act? Nobody knows until it happens and some sad soul becomes an innocent victim.
Mark does what he does best. 
Sadly nothing brings humans close than tragedies but hopefully one day we can all just live in peace despite our differences.

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