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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Great Wall Review

Matt with his Chinese mates
 The Great Wall Review – After getting rescued from Mars, Matt Damon travels to China to ‘trade’ some gunpowder. this the reunion dinner? 
William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) are the only survivors after their troops get ambushed by bandits nearby China. They hide inside a cave only to be attacked some shadowy monsters. During the clash, William managed to slash the monster’s hand. The following day the duo gets captured by Chinese soldiers who want to execute them for being outlaws. However, after William shows the severed hand of the monster, the General halt the order and take them in as prisoners instead. Just as they were being led to the cell, warning comes thru that the Great Wall is under attack. Both William and Tovar witness how the soldiers try to protect the barrier from getting breached. Yet some of the beast manage to get pass the fighters and although shocked at first, William and Tovar team up to foil the sudden attack. Pretty soon they learn about the monster called Tao Tei that attack every sixty (60) years. Meanwhile there is another ‘outsider’, Sir Ballard (Willem Dafoe) among the Chinese waiting for his opportunity to steal the gunpowder for himself sees William and Tovar as his chance for escape. Ballard strikes a deal with Tovar but William is hesitant to leave and wants to stay and help the army fight Tao Tei instead. With another imminent big assault, will-pun intended William stay back and help his new found friends or runaway with their precious gunpowder? 
Ready to take on some cinapek monsters! 
Talk about a mammoth task of capturing the majestic Great Wall in its full glory. The Director managed to combine fact and fiction into his effort. The storyline however is not that great but still quite entertaining. The Asian cast consisting the who and who of Chinese film industry do a pretty decent job with their respective roles while although the movie suffered the recently highlighted ‘white-washing’ cast of Matt Damon, he really held his torch high as William. The grand scale matches the hefty budget the studio shelled out for the production of the movie. The ‘monsters’ did look more ugly even scary actually but all is forgiven once they show sign of intelligence their human counterpart.
Nope....this is not Cappodicia. 
Please be informed that this is not a historical movie about The Great Wall but rather a fantasy work of imagination so leave your history book out and just enjoy Matt Damon slay some Tao Tei albeit his horrible hair style.

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