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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Passengers Review

Pretty good picture editing ey?
Passengers Review – What happens when Katniss and Star Lord get on board the same ship? it us you looking for? 
Jim (Chris Pratt) is one of the thousands of passengers on board the state of the art space ship, Avalon heading to a new planet. However due to a malfunction, Jim’s hibernation pod awakes him ninety (90) years before he could reach the destination. Left with no choice, Jim at the beginning contemplate to kill himself out of the loneliness until he notices Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). He deliberately spoils her pot so she would be awaken and accompany him. Aurora without knowing the truth at first also panics just as Jim did but soon accepts her fate and enjoys her time with Jim until she finds out the truth. As time passes by the duo encounter bigger and dangerous problem with the ship. Left with no choice, they must work together and find a solution so that the rest of the passengers can continue their journey unharmed.
Should have just remained as Star Lord and Katnis.
The decision to cast the current Hollywood IT stars, Chris and Jennifer might seem like a good idea except for the lack of romantic chemistry between them, perhaps it’s just me but Jennifer does not strike as a writer to me. After watching her kick arse in all of the previous films, Aurora didn’t quite sit well with me. Whereas Chris was a good choice as lost lonely boy in space. The storyline gets kinda tiring after a while, that the so called climax went pass just another scene to me. The technology used felt like an updated version from previous space travel films. Nothing much to shout about that makes this one special.
Can we put the memory of making this movie behind us please?
If I were to catch this movie by accident after the theare release, I might skip that channel and watch something else instead. Better luck next time Chris and Jen.

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