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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Arrival Review

Adams and Renners ready to face off some sotong kurita. 
Arrival Review – Another year, another compulsory alien landing on Earth movie….zzzzzzzz
Huh?.... I dont speak circle. 
Erm…where do I even start? From what I gathered, alien decides to ‘pick’ twelve (12) spots around Earth to ‘park’ their spaceship without any form of communication understandable to human. The US government elects language expert, Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and a mathematician, Ian Donelly (Jeremy Renner) to help them investigate the extra-terrestrials intention. Just as they are making progress, other nations involved gets anxious and begin their own way of dealing with the visitors. Will this end in tragedy or human race discover something new about their own existence?
Oh my....what big (hand) palm? you have there alien.
I'm not a big fan of alien movies but casting of Amy and Jeremy intrigued me to give this flick a chance and let’s just say, I was sorely disappointed. The rave reviews by others didn’t seem to strike the same feeling in me. Both Amy and Jeremy were much better in The Hustle communicating with other rather than trying to ‘interact’ with the ‘sotong’ like aliens. The movie was too slow paced to my liking, I almost dozed off few times. Add that with symbols, maths and in no time, I felt like a ‘Martian’ myself trying to figure out the story. If this movie was trying to send a message to me, I totally missed it or perhaps it didn’t arrive quite well to my head. yeah....what's the purpose of this movie again???
Reminder – Think twice about watching another alien movie in the future ok Mani. Plus coming from the Director of both Sicario  and Prisoners, I should have known better to give this a miss. Oh well....

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