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Thursday, 28 August 2014

100 Foot Journey Review

Do no skip this journey....
100 Foot Journey Review – I love food (halal ones) and my Amma was an amazing cook. Unfortunately I didn’t pick up her talent and after watching this movie I feel like kicking myself for not spending enough time in the kitchen except for when looking for food! Bluek
The veterans and the newbies. 
The Kadam family ran a decent food place in their native India until an election chaos forced them to leave their country behind and start over again in England. Hassan (Manish Dayal) losses his mother during the mayhem and their lives doesn’t quite suit the London way. Once again the family pack their bags and head to France. As fate would have it, the family van break fails and leaves them stranded in a small town called St Antonin. Lucky for them, Marguerite (as very Winona Ryder looking Charlotte Le Bon) offers the family some assistance. While passing by the town, Papa (Om Puri) takes note of an abandon eatery. He invest on the place, opening up Maison Mumbai just 100 foot opposite a Michelin certified French restaurant managed by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) where Marguerite works as sous chef. Being a ‘true French snob’, Madame Mallory goes all the way out to shut down her new rival. Thus begin their French and Indian cooking challenge. Meanwhile, Hassan becomes interested in French cuisine and tries to win Madame Mallory’s heart with Marguerite’s tips. As time passes by, Madame Mallory could not deny the natural gift Hassan possess as a cook. She takes him under her wings and within a short time after his arrival; her restaurant receives another Michelin star. Hassan then soars into Paris culinary craze. However, deep inside he feels he is losing touch with his identity. Will Hassan stay on as France’s top chef or return to his root?   
Indeed you will! 
Where do I begin? The lovely French town? The beautiful cast? The brilliant music? The tasty food preparation/presentation? The splendid storyline? If I could describe this movie thru food…no dish can be compared to the lovely taste of this picture. It has all the right ingredients-pun intended. St. Antonin is wonderfully captured while Paris glows with her fast paced life. The cast consisting of Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Bollywood old timer, Om Puri is a delight to watch acting like rebellious teenagers against each other but later turn into almost ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’. While Charlotte and Manish pairing makes me wonder how cute their kid will look like if they ‘procreate’. Hehehe…If you thought Slumdog Millionaire’s Bollywood inspired music was brilliant, 100 Foot Journey fusion of Indian and French music is even marvellous. What else can you expect when you have Maestro AR Rahman in charge ey? His excellent music composition is matched by the way the outstanding camera work was used to capture the way food is prepared. Even the simple omelette making would get you salivating. Only thing missing was is the technology to smell the food or else one might just drool inside the cinema.
Super Producer with her Super Cast! 
Maestro and another Producer! 
There might be many type of food all around the world but to me Indian food is a class of its own. Nobody can dabble with spices, flavours and colours like the way an Indian does. Call me biased but one would agree if they ever get to try an authentic Indian cooking. Even a simple dish will taste out of this world because of the effort put into preparing it. This movie made me proud of my time-honoured culture and value those who still hold on the traditional way of cooking. Food is indeed memory and it will always take you home.  I’ve never been happy to write a review about a movie like this flick and totally love the after taste still.
Talk about the French-Indian connection! Yummy! :) 
P/s - Merci and Nandri  Churp Churp for the preview tickets! 

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