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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Into The Storm Review

Ring the alarm!!! 
Into The Storm Review – Freak storm wreaks havoc in a small town.
Can they outrun the storm? 
Storm chaser, Pete (Matt Walsh) and his crew have been on the look-out for storm all around town and stumbles upon the biggest tornado to ever hit a small town. Just as the Silverton High School students were about to graduate, the deadly cyclones clones-pun intended itself into a mega twister ever. Pete is convinced that this will be his big pay day and follows the wind while everybody else is looking for shelter. Little did anybody know that this storm will change not only the town but lives of some of its resident. Will the people survive or get sucked into the storm?
Get ready to record! 
Notice my short description about the movie? Well that’s because there’s nothing much to tell except for the storm. The main focus is the storm and you will be satisfied if you are into storm. Some of the special effects looked amateurish while some look too overwhelming. The holes in the stories are bigger than the eye of the storm itself.  What more can I say?

Not your ordinary storm! 
Watch it if you never saw Twister made about 15 years ago. Other than that…it’s just your typical disaster movie. 

P/s - Thanks Churp Churp for the preview tickets! 

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