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Friday, 23 October 2015

The Walk Review

Dare to walk? 
The Walk Review – True story based on ‘Wire Walker’ Philippe Petit.
Philippe and his posse!
Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) have been fascinated by tightrope-walker performing in circus. His obsession leads him to self-teach himself to walk on tight ropes. In order to perfect his walk, Philippe seeks help from Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) who later chucks him away for being arrogant. Philippe then travels to Paris to earn a living as a street performer where he comes across Annie (Charlotte Le Bon). Later on he stumbles upon the news of New York's Twin Towers aka World Trade Centre being build. One look and Phillipe finds his purpose to wire walk across the Towers and conquer Big Apple’s skyline. Together with Annie he journeys to America and starts gathering his accomplices to help achieve his mission. Papa Rudy decides to help him by giving pointers and advice. Soon Phillipe hatch his daring plan by scouting, monitoring, preparing and setting up for his coup.  He picks the date and goes ahead with his bid to make a name for himself. Unfortunately despite his careful preparation, anything and everything that could wrong starts to make his attempt to turn south. With time and tide against him, will this Petit-pun intended wire walker reach for the heavens or stumbles into shambles? 
Can he make it across? 
If you have fear of height you are better off just watching the trailer than sit thru this dizzying flick. Even I who had no problem jumping of an airplane for skydiving was on the edge of my seat as Petit made his way to the wire! That was how good the cinematography for this movie. The Director, Robert Zemeckis managed to capture every single angle as The Walk took place. Another thing I absolutely loved was the Alan Silvestri’s superb score, inserting a famous classic composition to the jazzy top hat beats. It was simply brilliant mood setter for the film. However The Walk it did have its flaw. Even though Joseph fit the physical part as Phillipe, his French accent was annoying the heck outta me at one point. He should have just let his action speak instead of explaining his moves. Thankfully the rest of the cast also had their dialogue to dim down Phillipe’s terrible French-English accent. Other than that, it was not a walk in the park but really was The Walk!  
Just Petit, wire, sky and his dream! 

Overall it was a satisfying watch and made even awesome by the 3D effects. A dangerous but amazing determination by an ordinary man with an extra ordinary vision. It also felt like an homage to the towers which reminds us of its grim departure 10 years ago. Watch this if you need some inspiration not to walk on wire but to go after your dream. 

P/s - Thank you Klips for the preview tickets 

*Special Philippe's actual pictures walking across the Towers! 

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