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Monday, 19 October 2015

Sicario The Mexican Hitman Review

Don't dare to mess with the best! 
Sicario The Mexican Hitman Review - It’s a ‘fun’ and ‘games’ until shitee gets serious.
Benicio, Emily & Josh showing off how good looking they are. 
Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is an FBI agent absorbed to help elite government task force to bring down a very influential drug lord. The hunt brings the team to cross the dangerous border between United States and Mexico. One wrong move and the whole mission will go down the drain. However there is more to the assignment as Macer finds out later and it’s up to her to do or die. 
Gempak rite the poster? 
Emily oh Emily...why would you want to get down and dirty? It hurts to see your beautiful face getting filthy and your body being whacked. You should just do girly movie. Call me biased but I prefer her to maintain her good-looking feature that way. Hehe. The rest of the manly cast were up to the par namely Benicio and Josh till at one point I feel like beating the crap of them. Which means they only did the job well. 

Lovely English Rose, pls remain this way and let other ladies do the rough acting ok. 
Watch this if you feel like ‘signing’ up for any of the elite organization to get an idea on how bad things can get and how to survive the ordeal. 

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