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Monday, 19 October 2015

Mr. Holmes Review

Still a dapper looking Detective 
Mr. Holmes Review - Will the once famous detective still be active or fade into obscurity? 
Holmes Logic...
Everyone knows the story of detective Sherlock Homes when he was younger but what happened to him towards his twilight year? Well into his 90’s he has trouble remembering names let alone cases that he once investigated. With a help of his housekeeper brilliant son, Roger, Holmes slowly jog his memory on his last investigation while taking care of his bee hives on a small sleepy town.
Let me take a closer look. 
After playing the memorable roles of Gandalf and Magneto in The Lord of the Rings and X-Men series respectively, there is no stopping Sir Ian McKellen from adding another prolific role to his resume. He embodies the character well and it’s interesting to watch him play a very excellent and eccentric character. Special mention goes to Milo Parker who plays Roger, he is just a charming young fella who will definitely grow into an incredible talent. The storyline is an old English style so one have to bare before the interesting portion of the movie rolls out but when it does, it is a well worth.

Watch out for the boy! 
I’ve always liked movie from across the pond such as Love Actually, Bridgett Jones (sequel coming up soon!) Love, Rosie (you get the flow) because it’s quite different from their Hollywood counter-part. Perhaps it’s the posh part that are missing but Hail Britannia for covering the story portion of a movie instead of just focusing on the special effects. Mr. Holmes is one definitely such gem. 

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