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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Vacation Review

Here they gooooooooo
Vacation Review – Family of four goes on a road trip for a Vacation of their lifetime.
Time to get wetttttttttttttt
Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is a budget airline pilot who is happy with his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate) and his two boys. For the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, Rusty decides to rent an Albanian made car and take a road trip across the country to Walley World theme park after he finds out that his family is not actually thrilled about their annual trip to the cabin at the lake. What happens next is something you wish and pray would never happen to you if you ever go on road trip. The family learn about the ‘button’ functions for the rented car, ‘marinate’ themselves on raw sewage, revisit Debbie’s old collage and learn some ‘interesting’ facts about her, almost get caught doing the ‘nasty’ at the Four Corners National Monument and so on. Getting far from the plan of enjoying the journey, will the Griswold family make it alive to Walley’s World?
Notice anything? Ehem ehem 
I had fun watching the movie with loads of laugh out moment, however felt Ed was a slight miscast for the role of Rusty. I mean, come on, how on Earth did he score Debbie-Do-Anything as his wife? He played the part sorta ok but I think another actor would have been a better choice. Thankfully Christina was on top of her games once again which reminded me of her role in ‘The Sweetest Thing’. It’s like she got married in that movie, settled down and took this role as a mother. Speaking of ‘Chris’...look out for Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth. He totally nailed his character and you may not look at his errr… ‘hammer’ the same way again. There are plenty of funny moments which will get you giggling non-stop. Throw the logic out of the window and just enjoy comics.
Griswald at Walley World! 
Despite the disastrous run-ins, Rusty’s intention was for his family to spend quality time together. Perhaps you should do the same by bringing your family and spend some quality time to watch this hilarious flick.  

P/s - Thank you Cinema Online and Klips for the preview tickets! 

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