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Friday, 7 August 2015

Mission: Impossible (MI) Rogue Nation Review

One last mission? 
Mission: Impossible (MI) Rogue Nation Review – Your mission should you choose to accept is to watch the flick after reading this review. Like really. Go watch!
Ready to shoot buddy? 
Where do I start? The latest installation is packed with action from start to finish. This one even takes boarding a cargo plane into a different level. With William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) trying his level best to keep IMF alive despite strong resistant from CIA Director, Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), Ethan Hunt (Ton Cruise) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) are on the field trying to retrieve dangerous material from falling into the wrong hand. In true Ethan Hunt’s way, they succeed in their mission. Brandt however bares the bad news that IMF has been disbanded. Out to proof that IMF existent is essential to prevent baddies from creating their own well, Rouge Nation, Hunt takes it upon himself to proof that the terrorist organization called The Syndicate are responsible for latest ‘random’ events happening around the world. He gets captured by The Syndicate but able to escape with the help from Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). Their path cross again few times until Ethan comes face to face with Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the head of Syndicate. What is Syndicate’s mission and with CIA hot on IMF’s trail can Ethan prove his innocence and get the team back together to fight this new foe?
Yup....that's what am talking about....her skills! 
Yeah yeah…so we know Tom did most of his stunts …yada yada yada but check out the real hottie, Swedish latest import in the perfect form of Rebecca Ferguson. She simply sizzles every time she appears on screen either jumping off a roof of a building, riding ‘em bikes, coming out of the swimming pool, stretching her long legs aiming at her kill target, kicking ‘em baddies arse, walking and talking with that British accent…ops sorry…went off track for a bit there but you get my drift? SHE IS HOT AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Ehem! The storyline this time was better crafted than the previous Ghost Protocol. Even the music sounds better this time around. One bad apple was the baddie, Solomon Lane. He was just not…bad enough. It kinda failed to reach Philip Seymour Hoffman’s level of evilness. Other than that I was focused on Rebecca Ferguson. Errr…yeah…
Can you believe he is 53? 
With James Bond getting too serious, it’s good to see Mission Impossible still holding on to its charm while introducing us to hot ladies who don’t just depend on their beauty but comes with a brains. Read: Rebecca Ferguson! Now I only have one question, how do I find her Agent Hunt? Please bring her back on your next mission. Tack (go google translate!) Over and out! 

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