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Monday, 16 March 2015

Whiplash Review

Get ready to get whipped! 
Whiplash Review – If you think playing drum is just about banging the sticks to the drum set, you are gravely mistaken my friend! me....why would you do such a thing? 
Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) is an ambitious young jazz drummer dreaming of becoming the next ‘drumming legend’. His talent is noted by Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) who enrols him into his studio band. Little did Andrew know what impact that would have on his life. Fletcher is no less of a monster pushing the limit his students to be the best. He won’t stop from flipping chair, throwing drum or curse ones existent if they are not up to his standard. Doing a good job is not good enough for Fletcher, he expects you to exceed and excel or don’t bother at all. With such ruthless tutor, can Andrew withstand the pressure and rise to the top or crumble and fade behind the beat?  
...its about the passion....
This flick produced an Oscar award for J.K. Simmons so rightfully with his mean, nasty and almost cruel role todate. One can feel the anger and anguish when getting screwed by Fletcher for a simple mistake…this guy’s ear can catch a micro second missed beats and turn it around and haunt you. I was cringing every time he stopped the band and hurl abusive words at them. I can’t imagine being in such situation so when Andrew lost his cool and ‘attacked’ Fletcher, I wanted to throw few punches on him as well. Which comes to show how good was Simmons acting at being an arsehole! The awesome camera work to capture close view of the stick beating the drum, the music to pick every single beat. It was pure awesome work by the production crew. childplay... 
This flick made me miss my school band days when we used to train under the blazing hot Sun but the feeling of beating our school nemesis namely, Victoria Institution and St John School Band will live in my memory forever. If you didn't think music could involve actual blood, sweat, and tears, this breathtakingly visceral coming-of-artistic-age drama will set you straight. Now please excuse me while I look for my drum stick and bang on my table! 

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