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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

CHAPPiE Review

Make way for Chappie
CHAPPiE Review – Time to add Chappie alongside Wall-E and Baymax as non-human characters we are going to love!
The Maker and his creation 
Deon (Dev Patel) is an engineer who ‘created’ the droids to man the city as police officers to control the crime rate in JoBerg (slang for Johannesburg). Vincent (Hugh Jackman) is pissed at Deon because his own robots couldn’t be marketed and plans to destroy his creation. Secretly Deon have been designing a programme to give consciousness to the robot but he gets kidnaped before he could test it on an old discarded police robot. The thugs take the robots away from Deon and start to teach their style of living. They plan to use Chappie in a heist to steal money by manipulating its thinking. Meanwhile, Vincent manages to sabotage Deon programme and finally gets approval to deploy his robots onto the street. His first mission is to get rid of Deon, Chappie and those involved. During the confrontation, Deon gets shot while Chappie start to run out of battery but not before discovering that ‘he’ could transfer his consciousness. With time running out will Chappie make it out alive?
Don't mess with Chappie! 
Dev Patel is back from the slum-pun intended yo! After fading into background it was nice to see him being the ‘Maker’ while I still couldn’t get over Hugh’s mullet and half pants wearing role in this flick. Sigourney Weaver was reduce to just a cameo part while Africa own talents played as well entertaining part. The biggest attraction is of course Chappie. This fella is make you laugh and even melt your heart with his well…happy chappie appeal. Don’t mind the swear words coming on every few minutes and also the firepower scenes. Just sit back and enjoy Chappie’s charisma.
Get a haircut pls...
This is a better movie by the Director, Neill Blomkamp compared to Elysium. With a storyline that touch on humanity. Go watch!
Unlikely Hero! 
P/s - Thank you Churp's Alpha Freezeforshort for the #Churpremiere tickets!  

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