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Monday, 27 October 2014

Ouija Review

Remember the rules...
Ouija Review – Not your typical Monopoly or other board game. Play at your own risk.
Call if you dare but beware
A group of friends are shocked when one of them decide to end her own life. Laine (Olivia Cooke) could not accept the fact that she just saw Debbie alive few hours before the tragedy. Laine tries to get answer and discover that Debbie have been ‘playing’ Ouija on her own – one of the big NO NO rule. She gathers the rest of the friends at Debbie’s house and they try to ‘communicate’ with her spirit. Little did they know, they summon some other entity in the house. That’s when the whole gang are faced with their worst fear. One by one are haunted by the vicious spirit. Will they survive or end up being a victim of their own mistake?
Do you dare....
Cheap thrill, cheap effects, and cheap cast…what else can I say about this stinker? The people involved are only trying to cash in for the Halloween season. This movie lacks everything and anything essential for a good horror movie. Kids in collage can come up with better flick.
Obey the orders...
Despite losing loved ones I would not want to mess with the ‘other side’ no matter how desperate I want to ‘talk’ to them even if I’m offered any kind of ‘channel’. Sometime we should just accept the fact that they are gone and let them be. You have no idea what might happen if you try to go against nature’s wish and the order things are. Bored of reading this review….so was I while watching this film.   

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