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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Domino’s Football Final Viewing Party

Once every four years, I will devote myself into watching 22 men chasing after a ball. My favourite 11 man are from Argentina. I’m not sure what it is about them but I can’t bring myself to support any other team beside La Albiceleste. Perhaps because I was born in year 1978, the year they lifted their first ever World Cup. As for this year, I was hoping they would make it to the final since last meeting Germany in the 1990 finals and lost to the Die Mannschaft.
La Albiceleste
After an emotional semi-finals victory against Netherlands, Argentina had to face the German machine. Damn! For sure will be an explosive match so I was looking out for a happening viewing party to enjoy the game with my friends. Tak bestlar lepak mamak je kan? 
Next thing I know, I got invited for Dominos Football Final Viewing Party at Tropicana Gold and Country Resort. Say what??? Free flow of pizza while lounging on bean bags with eyes glued to the big screen. Not only that, before the official kick off time at 3 am, awesome people of Domino’s had prepared tonnes fun activities for the footie fans. Jeng jeng jeng 
....the place to be.....
The moment we walked into the venue, we had our picture snapped and printed on the spot. Ongoing with Domino’s Instagram photo contest, called ‘Bear-A-Selfie’. The winner of the contest gets to score an iPad Mini when they ‘pose’ with ‘Popobe Bola Bears’ and tag their picture #BolaBears. Apa lagi? Jom selfie banyak-banyak. 
My fre-nemy for the night! 
Football! Friends!
Cute ey? 

After registering our names, we joined all the fun activities, Human Foosball, Soccer Pong, and Hit The Goalie.  Heck, my Human Foosball team even ‘won’ a match and were rewarded with Domino’s pizza voucher! Soon after we were treated to tasty, yummy and delicious Domino’s Pizzaaaaaaaaaa!!! Apa lagi? Jom serangggggggggg!!! Nom nom nom while being entertained by host of the event, C.Loco and Hollie. 
Lively hosts! Hollie & C.Loco
nom nom nom.....
Score bang jangan tak score!!!
Ready to step up? 
Mani in action yo!!!
After some fun Q&A session to win more goodies, Hasfahlinda Hassan, Senior Manager, Marketing Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore made her welcome speech. The guests were listening to her while munching their pizza away happily. Domino’s totally hit ‘home run’ with their ‘More Pizza More Football’ campaign by the look of the joyful faces.  
Terima kasih sudi datang semua! :) 
Soon after it was the moment of truth, after losing sleep for almost a month, it was time to crown the new World Champion. First half of the game was nail biting yet no goals were scored. During the half time break, we were served with food for ‘sahur’. I wallaped roti jala and was ready to face the second half of the game. Upon completion of 90 minutes full time, both teams couldn’t break the deadlock. It was nerve wrecking when extra time came on. All-time top scorer for the World Cup, Miroslav Klose came off to be replaced by Mario Gotze. Oh….how I wish the switch was not made as the game almost went on to penalty kick decider, Gotze exploded a powerful kick passed Romero in the 113th minute. Adoiiiiiiiii…..what a heartbreaker man! 
The moment of truth!!!
Happy Germany supporters! Bluek! 
Despite the sad result for my team, I had a great time spending it with my friends. They were happy because their team won. Oh well…at least my tummy is full of Domino’s Pizza and head full of delightful memories to look back during the next World Cup. Joining Domino’s Football Viewing Party was totally is unique experience for me. I can’t thank Domino’s enough for making my viewing a memorable one for a long time coming. I look forward to join more exciting happening in the future.  

For more exciting events from Domino's Malaysia, make sure you bookmark their Facebook page. 

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