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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Transcendence Review

Transcendence Review – Hmm…talk about a perfect wrong timing…when I saw the question below posted on Churp Churp’s site for this movie’s preview ticket, I was stumped on how to answer…even thought of not joining it because I was still grounded from going out at night after my Amma’s sudden passing. The question read as follows: -

“Would you prefer to live forever through Artificial Intelligence and why?”

My reply...Having just lost my Mother...I have mixed feeling about this question. One side saying yes so I can be with my loved ones for as long as I could while the other says no because when it's time for you to gotta go. 

Little did I know, I scored preview pass and made my way to catch Johnny Depp after getting permission for a time off.  

Too smart for own good? 
The story runs along current debate of Artificial intelligence (AI). Scientists world over are try their best to find cure for cancer, Alzheimer and other life threatening dieses. Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) along with his wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and Max Waters (Paul Bettany) are a trio pioneers trying their best to rid World of such problems. They even manage to create a supercomputer that sorta can think for itself. While attending a forum, Will was attacked by group of anti-AI believers and finally succumbs to his injuries. His wife and Max however manage to ‘upload’ Will’s ‘brain’ into another computer generated by them. Will ‘request’ to be connected to the internet so he can have unlimited access to all information and begins his work to find treatment while also ‘get his body back’ so he could be with Evelyn. His quest however begins to sway from natural form of life into synthetic being without any emotions which might spell the ultimate end of biological existences. Max turns his back on Will and co-operate with the anti-AI group to stop Will from causing more chaos. Will Will-pun intended manage to be the new God or fail?
Facechat??? Snapchat??? 
I used to like Johnny a lot but then started to lose my interest after he went overboard on Pirates franchise. It was nice to see him acting as a human…well…at least during some part of this movie. He really is a talented actor and hopefully will play more ‘normal’ character instead of being the weird one all the times. Rebecca Hall is fast becoming my favourite not-your-typical-leading-lady-but-does-a-decent-job chick. She played the Mrs-who-just-lost-her-husband-and-will-work-her-brains-off-to-get-him-back part pretty well. I could feel her loss but maybe it’s because am coping with my own grief. Paul Bettany also helped to bring life to his character torn between loyalty towards his friend or look after the good of mankind. Too bad other talents were underutilised including Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy and Kate Mara. They should have been given a little bit more screen time. The special effects were done Christopher Nolan style, some good, few over the top. The flow of the story was also had Nolan written all over it. It could have been better fell short for some reason.
Body is gone but what your conscious? 
Back to the question…about immortality or ‘leave’ when your number is up. Recently I’ve been hit with back to back of shocking passing that made me question when will my time come? There were few occasion I wanted to end my existent but what good would that do? We just gotta live our  life, the good, bad, happy, sad, miserable or whatever kinda emotions our situation might throw at us because alive or dead, there is a reason why we were put on this Earth.

P/s – Thank you Churp Churp for the tickets and even better surprise of picking my answer to score the awesome wind-breaker! It was a good movie break I needed after a short hiatus.
Thank you Churp Churp!!! 
P/s- Just as I was writing this review, I could stop my tears from flowing as the heaven added another Angel by taking YB Karpal Singh in a car accident. May the Tiger of Jelutong roar and defend those in need high above just as he did during his short time of Earth.  Rest in Peace Sir. 
Thank you YB

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