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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Brick Mansions Review

Parkour Paul style! 
Brick Mansions Review – Oh my dear Paul….I remember crying when I saw the newsfeed about his untimely passing. I recalled falling in love with the blue eyed boy in Pleasantville. Even though he played a bad boy character, his charisma melted my heart. Then came the whole Fast & Furious franchise and he elevated into a whole new level of swoon worthy charm. Little did I imagine I would be watching his final movie trying to hold my tears back.
The cop, the bad boy & the crook? 
Damien (Paul Walker) is an undercover cop bent on busting as many crooks as possible and finally lands himself at the dangerous ghetto, Brick Mansion to recover a stolen bomb. Damien gets help from his ‘eyes’ of city, Lino (David Belle) who is after Tremaine (RZA), a ‘businessman’ cum ‘politician’ cum ‘chef’ cum criminal cum drug dealer in order to stop the drugs from spoiling the city any longer. Little did these three (3) guys knew there is a bigger ‘boom’-pun intended waiting for Brick Mansions. While they are chasing each other’s tail, the Mayor and his ‘contributors’ hatch a plan of their own to ‘cleanse’ and rebuild the ‘wasteland’. Will Damien, Lino and Tremaine figure out what’s going on or become the black sheep for the benefit of rich people?
Bust a move & I will burst your head! 
Talk about eye candy feast! If you think Paul blue eyes was awwwww, wait till you hold your breath while watching David parkour’ing his way away from both the cops and the thugs! This French cutie goes topless most of the times and the curve on his body is like yummy yum yum! His scruffy face is dirty most of the time but he is still sooooooo good looking! Coupled with his ‘girlfriend, Lola (Catalina Denis) it’s like a dream come true. Heck even RZA was witty with his lines. Storyline is pretty petty but who cares, it flows just good enough to spend your time and money in the cinema. The music was awesome and best part was the camera angles! It captured the complicated moves brilliantly that you might just find yourself trying to avoid an obstacle or two!

Don't play-play wey! 
Backflip yo! Ko boleh? 
Fast and Furious may have pushed Paul into stardom but it was nice to see him in an indie flick with no blockbuster budget. His cop-next-door acting joined bro-mance with David was just as good as he was with Vin Diesel.  The world didn’t just lose a good looking guy but an overall good actor as well. Let’s remember his contribution to the film industry and honour his life. You have done your job well Paul. Now ride and fast in your next journey. 
Eye candy!!! 
P/s - Thank you Churp Churp for the tickets! 

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